Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rambling Man

Courage is not the absence, one who does not posesse fear does not understand courage. Courage means to defeat fear, to stare at it until it turns away. To act, to fight, when your brain is telling you get the F*** out of there.....

Resolutions are useless. Do not resolve to do something, just do it. When you plan, you plan to fail. Everyone procrastinates, everyone makes that little list of things to do before kicking the bucket. Screw that list, do it now. Do it now or you will never do it.

There is no future, there is no past, there is only the now. The now in which we exist, the now in which we perish. There is no reincarnation, there is no after life. We seek meaning in our lives, hoping that what we do in life will echo in eternity. But there is no eternity, no forever. There is only the now. When our time has come and gone, all that will be left is nothingness. The universe will not remember us for there will be nothing to remember. Even the universe itself has no meaning to existence. So bask in the now, live the moment. Enjoy not the hour, not the minute nor the second. This instant is all there is, all there will be.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Nonsensical Podcast!

I have just started my own podcast. Check it out at if you have time!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Don't let her be cold
Don't let her be sick
Don't let her be sad
Don't let her be disappointed
Don't let her be angry
Don't let her be frustrated
Don't let her be lonely
Don't let her lost faith
You are now the sword that serves
You are now the shield that protects
The sword and shield that I hoped to be
The sword and shield that I could never be

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Treasure what you have

When was the last time you ever said "I love you" to the person nearest to you?
Most people tend to take what they have for granted but I guess that is pretty normal. Since what they have is always with them, most people don't realize what it is like to be without.

Most people don't realize how close they were to not meeting that person. Perhaps you do not believe me. Perhaps you believe in fate, that no matter what, you would have found the person next to you.

The truth is, you were closer to missing the person that you would believe. The threads of fate are thin. The fact that two thread cross are rarer than anyone thinks. If you had been late for that bus, If you had talked to your friend instead of that person, if you decided to take the next lift, if you had turned left instead of right.

Some people had the blessing to cross paths but never treasured what they and they don't even realize what they have missed. I do not know whether to feel pity or anger at these people. Perhaps I even feel hatred towards them.

Maybe people can only treasure what they do not have. I have almost never had to work hard for the things I have in life. I consider myself blessed in many ways. But I would gladly exchange them for that one thread.
But perhaps I am one of those who do not treasure what I do not have. To readily give up what I have for what I don't. Maybe it is because of what I do not have, that I consider it important thing in life. Or maybe its because of what I already have it, that's why I do not consider it important. I do not know

So the next time you are with the person, be grateful. Because you were closer to not have meet the person at all.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Root 3

I fear that I will always be a lonely number like root 3
a 3 is all thats good and right, why must my 3 keep out of sight
beneath that vicious square root sign
I wish instead I were a nine, for nine could thwart this evil trick
with some quick arithmetic
I know I will never see the sun, as 1.7321
such is my reality, a sad irrationality
but hark, what is this i see?
anther square root of a 3
comes quietly waltzing by, together now we multiply
to form a number we prefer, rejoicing as an integer
we break free from our mortal bond, with a wave of the magic wand
our square root signs become unglued, the love in me has been renewed

from Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Friday, August 08, 2008

Test of Will

2 out of 7
ira et invidia
remember who you are
do not falter
this is a test of your will
i will not falter
fight through the pain
there is no pain
do not deny it
pain does not work for you
pain cannot be denied
forgive my weakness
no, do not run
do not turn away
i am who i am
3 out of 7

Monday, June 02, 2008

Way of the Office: 3 Times Rule

3 Times Rule: Wait till the 3rd email from your boss before beginning any work

Explanation: 1 X Email = I don't really need it. 2 X Email = I think I may need it. 3 X Email = I really need it

Way of the Office: Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter: If no one really minds, it doeesn't really matter

Corollary: Do only work that matters. See 3 Times Rule for what matters

Way of the Office: The Last Minute Rule

The Last Minute: Every piece of work needs improvement until the last minute

Corollary: Do not submit work until the last minute. At that point, it will be perfect

Warning: Submitting work infinitely ahead of time may result in spending infinite amount of time improving said work until the last minute